You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers—so many in fact, that what you’re curious about is probably something we get asked a lot. If not, simply ask your Old Dutch, Humpty Dumpty or Barrel O’ Fun question in the form below, and we’ll get back to you soon.

How do I contact the Old Dutch Consumer Care Department with a question or complaint?

Contact Consumer Care at consumercare@olddutchfoods.com, or call directly 1-877-228-2273.

Do your products contain Peanuts or Tree Nuts?

We take care to ensure that all of our Old Dutch products are labeled to follow FDA requirements. Old Dutch follows these regulations set by the FDA and lists any recognized allergens that may be in the product or manufacturing facilities that produce these products.

Can I purchase Old Dutch Products online?

Can't find our products in your area? Don't worry Old Dutch has partnered with Bob’s Produce to bring your favorite products right to your front door! Ordering your favorite Old Dutch Products is just a click away!

Does Old Dutch distribute coupons?

No, Old Dutch works very closely with all of our retailers in providing you with great opportunities to save on our products throughout the year. Please look to your local retailer to see what promotion they have this week.

Can we take Plant Tours of your production facilities?

No, Old Dutch Foods maintains the highest possible quality of all our products. Implementation of quality procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) are followed to reduce the possibility of contamination. Anyone who enters our production environment must follow strict attire and hygiene practices. These practices are repeated every time anyone enters or leaves the processing area to ensure a safe environment to both our products and our employees.

What does the Date on my packaging mean?

The date on your packaging is the Best Before/Expiration Date. We add this to our packaging so that you as a consumer are able to easily identify if the product is still fresh or has expired.

It is not our policy to sell outdated product. We work very closely with our retailers to ensure that you have the freshest product to choose from each time you shop. If you have purchased a product that is past its expiration date please contact consumer care:  consumercare@olddutchfoods.com

What contributes to the unique appearance of the Old Dutch Potato Chips?

Old Dutch uses a variety of quality potatoes in creating our one of a kind potato chip for your enjoyment. Sometimes you will notice green edges or brown potato chips these unique attributes are what makes our potatoes one-of-a-kind and hard to duplicate by any of our competitors.

Why does Old Dutch discontinue flavors?

We are frequently assessing our product portfolio and sometimes certain flavors, no matter how great they are, do not perform well and must be discontinued from our product line.